Why Go Solar?

A lot of people are going to be kicking themselves when electricity is double or triple and the tax credits and rebates (free money) are long gone and they chose to not buy solar. You don't want to be one of these people, that's why. It is no secret that the rebates, tax credits and other incentive programs are designed to jump start an industry that otherwise would not be able to stand alone. Consequently these incentive monies are usually temporary and have a consistent history of going down each year and occasionally going down or completely away with little or no notice at all. Solar energy is just like any other energy business, it's a simple numbers game and right now, with all of the free money available to you, you are sure to win at this game. Let's face it, unlike many things you could spend your money on your electric bill is an unavoidable cost. One that can be radically reduced through solar energy assuming you have access to the incentive monies.

  • Solar energy is the most predictable renewable energy source available, so predictable in fact that we guarantee it!
  • Easy financing options if needed (let this system pay for itself, literally).
  • Grid-tied solar energy is virtually maintenance free and last for decades.
  • Solar energy will add positive hard equity to your house instantly.
  • Energy cost are unavoidable, you will spend this money whether you like it or not so you might as well have something to show for it.
  • Utility rates are not going down!

Distributed solar is a win-win The reality of it is that utility companies have to build power plants very, very expensive power plants. In order to keep up with development and our growing population new power plants need to be built and old ones need to be replaced. Power plants are incredibly expensive and take decades to pay for themselves not to mention the maintenance cost that are also involved. Ok, now let's look at the alternative of distributed grid tied solar like you are currently considering. Using round numbers if you buy a system then you will take approximately one third of the cost from what you would have given to the IRS and placed it on the grid as a micro power plant. Another third will come from your savings and will also be put on the power grid. Now this leaves only the remaining one third of the cost for your utility company to pay. A one time investment to the utility company and they don't need to maintain or insure it. everyone wins because even if somebody doesn't participate in the solar movement you have saved them money by saving the utility company money.