Advanced Solar and Electric LLC

We are the only company in San Antonio that has a Power Generation Guaranty. Everyone has warranties, but those are mostly from the manufacturer of the equipment and they are usually set by the industry standards, not your contractor. System design, shading management and equipment pairing is absolutely critical in solar energy production. We are selling energy, not equipment, we strive to give you the fastest possible break-even on your investment but also we GUARANTEE your solar system will produce as much energy as we say it will! You deserve more than a rough estimate of how your system might perform. We are going to tell you exactly how much your system will generate, how much your system will cost, the value of the electricity it will produce and how soon you can expect to break-even with solar. With us, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, Guaranteed!

We have a ten-year warrantyon our installation, most only have five years because that's all CPS Energy requires. The relationship we have with our customers is very important to us, your system should perform for many decades to come, so ten years of coverage is sure to get us off to a great start.

We do everything in-house from design, installation even the electrical work is done by our own master electrician. Everyone at Advanced Solar and Electric LLC has a vested interest in you and the success of our system. We know that happy, satisfied customers are what lead to a successful business that will be around for many years to come.

We will always be very competitive. Most people have already bought something from the cheapest guy in town and knows how that usually works out. We charge a fair, competitive price for the best service, best quality and best workmanship in San Antonio.

We have every finance option under the sun! Whether you want long term, short term, through a credit union or bank, we have the perfect finance plan for you! Let your system pay for itself in the short run and then you own it for life! Going solar may cost a lot less green than you realize, let us make it easy for you to start benefiting from solar today.


Don Dickey, Advanced Solar and Electric LLC, TECL #2738