The only "Power Generation Guaranty" in town

What is it?

The best example I can give to explain the concept is to ask you to imagine that you have bought a car that is supposed to get 36 mpg and after you buy it you never manage to get over 29 mpg. Although it's easy to relate to, it's also very frustrating. Now imagine that the same car came with a guaranty on the mileage, that's what our power generation guaranty does. Solar energy is the single most predictable renewable energy source in the world. Properly designed and installed these systems should perform consistently and diligently for many decades. Based on your actual geographic location, tilt and orientation of your solar panels we can easily predict its annual production. We (and every other contractor) are required to report this production forecast to the utility company that is supplying your rebate. That number is what we guarantee! Although power generation guarantees are not common in the industry, it is a clear indicator of your superior solar energy integrator.

Why is it?

I frequently see solar energy projects that will never pay for themselves due to poor installation or poor design. Sadly in many of these cases a smaller, properly designed system may actually produce more energy and would have also cost less money to purchase. Solar energy at the high volume residential level is a fledgling industry that is also very dynamic and rapidly changing. Consequently there is a lacking of expertise and proficiency amongst the contractors and an absence of good consumer education and awareness. Because of this the consumer is often buying blind with no way to validate if they got their money's worth or not.

How does it work?

We simply guarantee the annual kWh's that are logged on your rebate application. Technically you would be due a reimbursement for any lack of production at the end of a 3 year guaranty period however that is not really the point. We monitor your production and inspect your system periodically and watch for any lack of productivity. If there is a lack of productivity then there is a reason for it, it may be as simple as a blown fuse or as major as a bad connection but this guaranty ensures that your system is working properly, paying for itself as it should and ultimately you get your money's worth. This is the point.

Are there exclusions?

  • Yes, we are not guaranteeing the weather, we are guaranteeing that the system was designed and installed properly and is performing properly. Your production forecast is based on government data that reflects decades of weather patterns so it would take much extended adverse weather to cause your system to not perform as intended for that three year period. In the event there was such an adverse weather factor, this may be taken into consideration.
  • Occasionally, usually on commercial or large scale jobs the client wants to tighten up the forecast data and remove any built in buffers that are found in the government (NREL) data. This is fine and we are happy to do this but the original default NREL data supersedes the latter when it comes to the guaranty.
  • Due to shading or architectural challenges some customers are not ideal candidates for solar energy. Even though they are advised of this they still desire to have solar energy and move forward in contracting us for their project. We are happy to oblige however the power generation guaranty will not apply.

Why is Advanced Solar and Electric LLC the only contractor in town that guarantees their work?

That's a really good question!

We strive to be the very best solar energy integrator in the marketplace. We are focused on quality, service, professionalism, easy finance arrangements, competitive pricing, our exclusive power generation guaranty and everything that makes up a superior company that strives to have a long term presence in the industry. As you are considering the contractor to sell and install your solar energy project we are confident and hopeful that you will find Advanced Solar and Electric LLC to be your very best choice.


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